Analysis of business processes for optimisation

Automation of business processes through software solutions

Setup and maintain SME software

Adopt businesses to latest technology and cyber security measures 

STA can systematically analyse workflows within an end-to-end business cycle to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Processes within and across organizational boundaries are viewed with the intent of identifying any/all possible means of reducing inefficiencies, removing bottlenecks and optimizing process flow.

STA can recommend and implement software for process automation in your business to improve efficiencies. Process automation can result in improved business processes, increase profitability and productivity and reduce key person dependencies. 

STA can setup and maintain SME softwares including Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and more. 

The latest technology and cyber security measures can be daunting for small to medium businesses. We have the expertise to recommend cyber security solutions for your SME and recommend practical measures to enhance cyber security in your organisation. 

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